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The Office is the main location at Five Nights at Treasure Island: Nightmare Before Disney, where the player resides for the game.



The Office is a large room with walls that appear to have a gray stone surface. On the left and right sides of the room there are spikes With Normal Mickey Mouse Head that Poked. The floor appears to be concrete instead of any other material like wood, tile, or metal. A Treasure Island sign is hung on the wall on the right, with tables in the middle of the room with normal Mickey heads on them. Some big hangers on the left also have Mickey heads on them. There is a large door on the right side of the room, with two other doors in the front. The door on the left has metal bars that protect it, and the door on the right is a normal door that appears to be dark inside. A small window is in between the two doors. A Photo-Negative Minnie head is hung on the wall which may be one of the first things noticeable in The Office.