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Nightmare Before Disney
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Released: TBE 2016
Engine: Gamemaker Studio
Platforms: Windows
Genre: Free Roam, Fan Game
Theme: Horror, Gore
Download: Not avaliable

Nightmare Before Disney is an Offical remake/reboot of the Original, made by the original creator SubWooferX3, page can be found here


NBD (Nightmare Before Disney) is another version of SubWoofer's NBD. The game will include Free Roam in a pixilated envrionment. Instead of Nightmares this game will be based on "Ink-Blot" characters, which the Player will have to collect Mickey Heads and use the Eraser to stun the suits.


From the original creator of FNaTI:NBD, comes a whole new generation of ink blotted terrors. Survive the night running away from your darkest fears and your darkest past. Will you be able to outsmart the demonic creations, or will you fall asleep and never wake up?


Nightmare Before Disney is set in a location where the player is trapped with Ink-Blot disney characters, to survive, the player must go to different levels to collect Mickey Heads, which they have a Eraser to stun the Ink-Blotted terrors before they are able to kill the player.