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Inkblot Goofy

Old Ink-Blot Goofy loading screen that used to appear in early demos of the game, that was removed in later versions.

Ink- Blot Goofy is an antagonist in Nightmare Before Disney. He is the ink-blot counterpart of Acephalous.


Ink-Blot Goofy was an antagonist In Nightmare Before Disney, that was later Removed because of A.I reasons.


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Ink-Blot Goofy seems to have his head attached to his neck, missing his toon eyes, revealing a fleshy skull inside it. His both ears and his nose seem to be missing, leaving some holes in his head, and his left tooth seems to be distorted. His right foot is gone and his legs are torn, exposing ink/flesh, his right arm is torn off and his left hand is slightly damaged. He seems to also have some sort of dirt around his whole body and head.



It's Unknown were Ink-Blot Goofy starts, or the locations he goes at.

Ink Blot Goofy

Ink-Blot Goofy