Hey guys this is FirephoenixEX and I'm going to tell you what is in the game, whats not in the game, and We are not giving away easter eggs, Storylines, and if the next games a sequel or a prequel. We plan this game to be a free roam. We want this game to be a challenge and We want to to be fun too. We will do a live stream on youtube for more information and we will be playing other Five Nights at Freddy's game when I do the live stream. there are multiple things to keep an eye on so it will be a challenge. We will release a demo of the game and you will have two nights. Early access will got to Twinklephoenix first the these five people and they are Zombiewarssmt, Razzbowski, dawko, Fusionzgamer, and Riskrim then the rest of you will get the demo later. My helpers are Lucius The Killer, Rikhar101, and Eternal The Wolf. The game is based off the creepypasta Abandoned by Disney. There will be an options menu and a graphics menu. When the demo comes out there will be anymore teasers. I will be showing more gameplay and I will be making a song after the demo. We will be doing a q&a when i finish all the carictures and we will tell you on the map were they start and how they come to the office. Anyway that was it. I hope you like the game and i will talk to you guys when i finish the carictures. P.S. you will send me messages to me on skype and Twitter- FirephoenixEX.